Advanced Linking and Annotations: PDF Documents

Type of Thesis: 
Bachelor Thesis

In the absence of hypermedia, the different types of media (e.g. documents, images, videos, etc.) are wrapped up as independent files. In 1945, Vanevar Bush made the critical observation that documents do not exist in isolation, but instead participate in a set of relationships with other documents [1]. As a result, many hypermedia models and cross-media information systems have been invented; the World Wide Web is an example. Most of these models suffer from a number of limitations. Aside from the uni-directionality of their embedded links, they are not flexible enough to deal with emerging new media types. In this project, we will work on an open cross-media information system, where any type of media can be added after the core of a cross-media system has been implemented.

Cross-Media Information Spaces

In this project, the student will build a plug-in for PDF documents to enable the advanced linking and annotation with other documents and media types.


[1] V. Bush, “As We May Think,” Atlantic Monthly, July, 1945. 

Background Knowledge: 

C++ or ANSI C\C++

Technical challenges: 

Addressing different media types contained in PDF documents.

Ahmed A. O. Tayeh
Beat Signer
Academic Year: