Advanced Request and Load Balancing for the Distributed Cross-Media Server

Type of Thesis: 
Master Thesis

Today‘s mobile applications typically run on PDAs, follow a client-server division and rely on traditional user interfaces such as keyboard, stylus or touchscreen. This landscape is changing swiftly. On the one hand, we see the advent of smartphones featuring various sensors, RFID readers and GPS chips, blurring the distinction between clients and servers of information resulting in fluid cross-media information spaces. On the other hand, we see the rise of new interface modalities including voice interaction, digital pen and paper or gestures. The MobiCraNT project aims at the development of software engineering principles and patterns for the development of this next generation of mobile cross-media applications.


In the MobiCraNT ecology, distributed data can reside on different kinds databases, devices, sensors without a central authority having knowledge about the precise location. The lookup for pieces of data in this very heterogeneous ecology forms a challenging problem which is going to be addressed in this master thesis.

The main axes to be explored in this thesis consist of a study on advanced requests to localise and retrieve information from the distributed cross-media server. Since dynamic pieces of information such as sensor readings are also considered in the setup of our cross-media server, traditional content-oriented requests are not sufficient and advanced requests for accessing this typo of content will be investigated.

In addition, in the case that information is only located on isolated devices, the finding and accessing of such information introduces some latency problems. One possibility to resolve this problem is to replicate information on multiple servers. In a second phase, we will therefore implement a load balancing algorithm to enhanced the performance of the distributed cross-media server.

Background Knowledge: 
  • Java
  • Databases
  • Web technologies
Technical challenges: 

The two main task addressed in this thesis are:

  • Investigation of advanced requests to localise and retrieve information from the distrubuted cross-media server
  • Implementation of a load balancing algorithm.
Beat Signer
Bruno Dumas
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