A Collaborative iPad tool for Requirements Elicitation

Type of Thesis: 
Master Thesis

In a previous master thesis, an iPad application has been developed to support the requirements elicitation phase in software engineering. This tool is a combination of an ideation tool and a mind map tool. It is called GuideaMaps, as it provides guidance for collecting the necessarily requirements. A screenshot of the tool is given below.




For the moment, it is a single user tool. The purpose of this thesis is to turn the tool into a collaborative tool such that different people can together work with the tool (for instance during meetings). 

Furthermore, a user expreiment needs to be performed to evaluate the usability of the tool.

Background Knowledge: 


  • Knowledge of developing app for iPad or tablets (by preference - but not required)
  • Good programming skills
  • Good graphical skills
Technical challenges: 
  • Creating a collaborative app for a tablet/iPad. This means that the information created by different persons should be integrated and synchronized, concurrent editing should be possible and solutions should be provided for conflicting editing.


Olga De Troyer
Academic Year: