A Cross-Media Task Management Tool

Type of Thesis: 
Master Thesis

In daily life, most people have ToDo lists and agendas. Although these ToDo lists keep track on what we have to do, they often ignore the fact that people need documents, emails, etc. in order to perform these tasks. This has as a consequence that when someone wants to resume a task, they have to re-open all the necessary digital documents or search for their previously made notes. As we all know, these actions take time and are often a burden. Various tools are developed to help users in this situation. An example of such a task management tool is Leavo which is shown in the figure below. In these tools users can create tasks and manage them across a timeline for planning and archiving purposes. When a tasks is closed or postponed, the system keeps the state of all open windows. Although existing tools are very promising, they still miss some functionality such as the integration of paper documents, the organisation of documents within the task or the re-use of task structures. 




Laevo: A Temporal Desktop Interface for Integrated Knowledge Work, Steven Jeuris, Steven Houben and Jakob Bardram, Proceedings of UIST 2014, 27th Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology, Honolulu, USA, October 2014


In this thesis we will first do a critical requirement analysis including what users need or desire and where existing tools fail. Secondly, an iterative design will take place for the graphical user interface. After the implementation, we will do a user study to see if the innovative Task Management tool improves the user’s efficiency when resuming tasks.





Background Knowledge: 
  • Java and JavaFX
  • HTML and CSS
Technical challenges: 
  • You will explore interaction design principles
  • You will learn about user-centric design
  • You will learn how to work with JavaFX 
Sandra Trullemans
Academic Year: