Fluid Cross-Media Document Formats

Type of Thesis: 
Master Thesis

Most of today's digital document formats are based on a digital emulation of printed media. While such a paper simulation might be appropriate for certain digital content, it is often not the most effective solution for managing and storing digital information. The oversimplistic modelling of digital documents as monolithic containers of linear content with a lack of structural semantics, does not pay attention to some of the superior features that digital media offers in comparison to traditional paper documents. In this project we will work on an innovative cross-media document model based on the concepts defined in the resource-selector-link (RSL) model. We plan to investigate features such as transclusion, where data is no longer replicated in documents but can be reused in different documents via structural references.




The goal of the project is to define a conceptual model for mixed-media documents and provide a proof of concept implementation where some legacy document formats are implemented based on the new document model. Other issues to be investigated when using the RSL model for the modelling of structural document components include the user- and context-specific adaptation of documents, document versioning as well as the associative linking and tagging of arbitrary document parts.

Background Knowledge: 
  • Java
Technical challenges: 
  • You will learn about innovative document and file formats
  • You will learn about various document management solutions that are currently investigated by different research communities (e.g. hypemedia solutions)
  • You will learn about the limitations of existing document models and the state-of-the-art in open document formats
  • You will come up with innovative and creative ideas for next generation cross-media "document" structures that are based on the RSL metamodel.
Beat Signer
Bruno Dumas
Academic Year: