An Investigation of Modern Presentation Requirements

Type of Thesis: 
Master Thesis

With more than 30 million PowerPoint presentations that are created every single day, we cannot ignore the widespread and heavy use of slideware presentations in domains such as education or business. Current presentation tools like Microsoft's PowerPoint, Apple's Keynote or OpenOffice Impress have defined a de facto presentation standard over the years. As a matter of fact, this popular slide-based presentation standard is hardly questioned. However, if we have a close look at existing slide-based standards, we can identify a number of lacking features.

The goal of this thesis is to investigate the current usage of presentions with the intention to identify some aspects that people consider troublesome or missing. At first you will perform a thorough literature study and investigate the various aspects of presentations. This includes the current uses of presentation tools in education and business settings, the theory behind giving presentations and current guidelines for giving "good" presentations. In this phase you might even already discover some areas that need improvement. In the next phase you will perform a survey and question various sources about their uses and requirements of presentation tools. This may reveal further shortcomings in existing presentation tools and provide you new ideas for features to implement.

You will then implement some of your new ideas (based on your earlier findings) in the MindXpres presentation tool. MindXpres was developed as a rapid prototyping platform for implementing innovative presentation concepts. Since almost every aspect of  MindXpres is implemented as a plug-in, it is relatively easy to implement radically new (and even "crazy") ideas. Optionally, if time allows it, you might also validate your implementations by means of a user evaluation. 


Background Knowledge: 
  • Knowledge about surveys or user studies is a plus
  • Limited knowledge about HTML5 and related technologies is required for implementing MindXpres plug-ins
Technical challenges: 
  • Based on the results of your thorough literature study and survey you will implement some features that are missing in the existing presentations tools
Reinout Roels
Academic Year: