Let’s play a computer game on paper

Type of Thesis: 
Master Thesis


As part of investigating the effect of educational games on the learning curve of people, an audience who has a read/write style of learning is targeted for this research. People with this specific learning style have certain tendencies toward reading and writing down the information and knowledge they encounter to help them perceive and remember it better. Since the best way to learn for these people is to use pen and paper, the SmartPen (which is a pen that allows communication with a computer by writing on special paper) could be considered as a rather well suited candidate to be used in case learning is done using the computer, for instance using a computer game. There are already games made for the SmartPen device that to some extent provide a read/write game experience, however they are limited to quite simple games like tic-tac-toe.

The first challenge is to investigate the factors that are more appealing to people with the read/write learning style (using physical material). The second challenge is creating a game in which the only way of interaction would be using a SmartPen. The third challenge is to design an educational game (math related) that provides this experience in the best possible way, and then implementing it.

Furthermore, a study on comparing people who use the output of this project versus the ones who use the same game but interact with it via keyboard and mouse needs to be conducted to assess the added value of using an input device for read/write learners that resembles the classic way of learning to the highest extent.



Background Knowledge: 

●     game design

●     game programming 


Technical challenges: 


●     Figuring out how to communicate with the SmartPen in real time

●     Investigating the characteristics of people with the learning style of read/write and linking them to interaction styles/properties

●     Creating and implementing an educational game (math related) suited to be played with the SmartPen

●     Setting up an experiment to study the effects of using this interaction device on learning for people the read/write learning style



Expected knowledge gain:

●     The student will learn about learning styles, SmartPen, and (educational) game development.

●     Experience with setting up and performing a scientific experiment.


Pejman Sajjadi
Academic Year: