From Paper to the Web to the Tablet (and Back) : Exploring Cross-Media Linking and Content Creation

Type of Thesis: 
Master Thesis



Today‘s mobile applications typically run on PDAs, follow a client-server division and rely on traditional user interfaces such as keyboard, stylus or touchscreen. This landscape is changing swiftly. On the one hand, we see the advent of smartphones featuring various sensors, RFID readers and GPS chips, blurring the distinction between clients and servers of information and thus inducing fluid information spaces. On the other hand, we see the rise of new interface modalities such as voice interaction, digital pen and paper, gestures and so on. The MobiCraNT project aims at the development of software engineering principles and patterns for the development of such applications.


In the context of the MobiCraNT project, this thesis will focus on the study of cross-media linking. In particular, the student will investigate how the same digital content (e.g. articles from a catalogue in a database) can be presented in different media, such as paper documents, websites and tablet-friendly digital documents. Moreover, the student will study how these different media can be tightly linked, using the strengths of one medium to cover the weaknesses of another. This thesis will begin with a study of the state of the art before creating a series of prototypes. These prototypes will then be evaluated to find which techniques answer best the issues of cross-media linking.

Background Knowledge: 


Technical challenges: 

Study of how different media can co-exist and enrich each other through rich links

Automatic layouting of content based on the device or medium

Creation of multiple iterative prototypes over the course of the thesis

Beat Signer
Bruno Dumas
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