Pen, Paper and Presentations

Type of Thesis: 
Master Thesis

Presentations are used in many situations where knowledge is transfered orally. To get the maximum out of a presentation it is common to take notes, for instance during a lecture. Even with the rise of mobile devices such as tablets and laptops, the use of pen and paper is far from dead. As an example, a lot of students still print slides before a lecture in order to annotate them during the presentation. 

However, the use of pen and paper is not limited to the audience. There are various types of digital pens that allow the presenter to navigate and make annotations to the slides, either directly on the screen or on paper as for example realised in the PaperPoint presentation tool. 

As part of this thesis, you will investigate the use of pen and  paper by the presenter by means of a literature study and a survey with presenters from various domains. This will help to drive a list of requirements and guidelines for presenter-oriented paper-based functionality, which will then also be implemented. Focus points will not only include the real-time navigation and annotation of presentations, but for instance also the ability to replay the presenter's navigational path and annotations at a later point in time.



Background Knowledge: 
  • Java
Technical challenges: 
  • You will work with digital pens and their SDKs
  • You will need to integrate your system in existing presentation solutions (e.g. PowerPoint or MindXpres)
Beat Signer
Reinout Roels
Academic Year: