Real time avatar facial expression generation

Type of Thesis: 
Master Thesis


The goal of this research is to create an avatar that provides a facial expression to the player of a game based on his/her performance, or on other forms of input such as the level of attention detected (e.g., by a headset device). An evaluation of this implementation then needs to be made in the form of an experiment on a group of people to measure the effect the avatar and its facial reaction has on the player’s performance and learning (in the context of an educational game). This project includes the creation of an avatar that can express different facial expressions; investigating under which conditions each facial expression need to be shown, as well as developing a mechanism to detect these conditions and trigger the required facial expressions. This topic requires extensive research on human behavior, psychology and the bridge between them and computer games, and education in computer games. 


Background Knowledge: 

●     Good programming skills

●     3D modeling skills


Technical challenges: 

●     Research on human psychology aspects and learning to find which facial expressions could have an impact on performance and attention and when

●     Interpret the game state and the input from attention measuring devices to reflect the proper facial expression

●     Modeling an avatar that can express emotions in real time


Expected knowledge gain:

●     Conducting a scientific experiment

●     Insight on human psychology and its relation to learning

●     Experience with (educational) game development


Pejman Sajjadi
Academic Year: