Rocket - Roadmap to communicating knowledge essential for the industrial environment

Start date: Thu, 2002-08-01
End date: Thu, 2003-07-31
Status: Finished

Rocket, an acronym for "Roadmap to Communicating Knowledge Essential for the Industrial Environment", prepared a strategic roadmap for future developments in organizational learning relevant to the education of engineers and knowledge workers. Besides drawing on the expertise of its 19 partners, the ROCKET consortium solicited the input of the Knowledge Management and E-Learning communities through a series of 3 international workshops during the projects active timeframe.
Besides providing general expertise, WISE was selected for its strong background in Internet infrastructure to provide the communication, dissemination and collaboration facilities necessary to keep this large a consortium functioning. WISE was the host for several of the consortium meetings, and co-organizer and host of the successful Second International ROCKET workshop in Brussels on 13-14 February 2003.

Funded By: EU - Fifth Framework Information Society Technologies thematic Programme (IST-2001-38245)
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