Smart Study for i3LEARNHUB (AVAILABLE)

Type of Thesis: 
Master Thesis

The subject of this internship/research training + master thesis is related to Smart Study, a learning environment for children that allows them to make their homework in an independent way. Smart Study was developed in the ac. year 2013-2014 by Dieter Van Thienen for his Master thesis.  In the original Smart Study application, children can make their homework using a digital pen and so-called interactive paper, and they receive feedback on a tablet.

The SmartStudy is explained in the following YouTube video:


The purpose of the internship/research training is to integrate the main ideas of Smart Study into an existing commercially available e-learning platform, i3LEARNHUB (see for a presentation of this platform). I3LEARNHUB is a cloud-based web application that works like an interactive whiteboard. Teachers can use it to prepare material for their classes or presentations, and share it with their students. Multiple students can work simultaneously on the same white board. The goal is to replace the digital pen and interactive paper of Smart Study by i3LEARNHUB’s virtual whiteboard, i.e., the students receive the homework or exercises as a virtual whiteboard (file) and fill out the exercises using the functionalities offered by the virtual whiteboard, for instance using the virtual pen to write on the virtual whiteboard. The handwriting and correction would be done as in Smart Study, but instead of returning the feedback on a tablet, the feedback would be given on i3LEARNHUB’s device agnostic virtual whiteboard.

For the actual master thesis, the goal is to develop an accompanying authoring tool that allows teachers to create the homework or exercises.  The aim is to also use i3LEARNHUB’s virtual whiteboard for this purpose, i.e., a teacher will prepare homework or an exercise sheet in the same way as he would prepare a presentation. The difference is that he also has to provide the solutions to the exercises, as well as the feedback that could be given to the learner in order to allow for the automatic correction provided by Smart Study. The tool developed should be evaluated with users.

Both the internship/research training and the master thesis will be done in close cooperation with i3-learning (


Background Knowledge: 

- Good programming skills – Ruby on Rails, HTML5/CSS3, Javascript (Kinetic, Angular, …)

- Good knowledge of Graphical User Interface Design

Technical challenges: 
  • Integration of existing code into existing commercial software
  • Designing an approach for specifying the solutions and the feedback to be given for a given assignment that is easy to use and understandable by non-IT people.
  • Extending an existing commercially available application with new functionality
  • Setting up an evaluation of the tools developed with real end-users.
Dieter Van Thienen
Olga De Troyer
Academic Year: