Through Powerpoint and Beyond - Enhancing Presentations With Multimodal Interaction

Type of Thesis: 
Master Thesis

You've probably attended presentations where the presenter reads from bullet one to five and then performs the same loop for the following slide. To call a halt to this boring presentation style, we plan to investigate new presentation techniques using multimodal interaction. This means a combination of speech, 3D cameras and 3D screens wrapped in a new platform to create presentations. To start with, some inspiration might be gathered from

Alternative presentation styles such as used in Prezi are still based on a static flow of content. The goal of this thesis is to come up with new interactions techniques to dynamically adjust the presentation flow as, for example, already investigated in our interactive paper-based PaperPoint presentation solution.





Background Knowledge: 
  • Java / C experience
Technical challenges: 
  • The creation of a custom tailored presentation tool
  • An integration of gesture recognition based on Midas into the presentation tool
  • Perform a user study to evaluate the system


Beat Signer
Bruno Dumas
Lode Hoste
Academic Year: