A visual recommendation system for the mapping of pedagogical mechanics to game mechanics (AVAILABLE)

Type of Thesis: 
Master Thesis

To ensure effective learning in an educational/serious game, the developers are not only faced with the challenge of creating a compelling game, but also with the additional challenge of incorporating suitable learning strategies into the game. A major challenge in this respect is to integrate learning and gaming in a seamless way.

There exist a large number of educational/pedagogical theories and pedagogical interventions, and there are different game mechanics that can be used to implement them in educational/serious games. Diiferent researchers already investigated the mapping of educational/pedagogical theories and mechanics onto game mechanics [1], however the results are scattered over many different publications.

In order to support the designer of an educational/serious game, we aim at building a tool that can capture this research information in the form of possible mappings between so-called educational mechanisms and game mechanisms, and allows a game designer to search for suitable mappings in a visual way. In addition, the tool should also provide the possibility to enter and document new possible mappings.

One challenge lies in dealing with the diversity of the type of information. Pedagogical mechanics as well as game mechanics are defined on different levels of granularity and levels of abstraction, which can make it challenging to come up with a suitable search mechanism. The use of recommendation techniques based on similarity of profiles could be considered. Also the visualization of the diversity of results and information could be a challenge.

1.       https://badgeville.com/wiki/Game_Mechanics


Background Knowledge: 

User interface design

Technical challenges: 

- Coming up with suitable search mechanism for finding information in a diverse cloud of information.

- Coming up with a suitable visualization 

Olga De Troyer
Pejman Sajjadi
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