When PIM Meets VIS: Exploring an Artwork Dataset Based on Personal Information and Preferences

Type of Thesis: 
Master Thesis

The ArtVis project investigates advanced visualisation techniques in combination with a tangible user interface to explore a large source of information (Web Gallery of Art) about European painters and sculptors from the 11th to the mid-19th century. Specific graphical and tangible controls allow the user to explore the vast amount of artworks based on different dimensions (faceted browsing) such as the name of the painter, the museum where an artwork is located, the type of art or a specific period of time.



In its current state, ArtVis allows users to explore 30'000 european works of art through visualisation and interaction. However, the interaction in itself is pretty generic even if powerful searches can be done on the dataset. The goal of this thesis is to explore how personal information from someone could be used to suggest or improve the searches in the dataset. Personal profiles or preferences could be a first step. Beyond simple profiles, the research in personal information management (PIM) currently done in the WISE research group could serve as a basis for an enhanced personal experience when exploring the ArtVis project. 

Background Knowledge: 


Technical challenges: 
  • Study of the state of the art in visualisation and personal information management
  • Definition of PIM elements which can impact a search in ArtVis
  • Integration of the personal information of users within the ArtVis interface
Beat Signer
Bruno Dumas
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