Who am I? - Games

Type of Thesis: 
Master Thesis

This research topic is about designing and developing games with the specific intention of assessing some characteristics of the player according to some model, e.g., the Big Five Model used to assess the personality of a person, or the Multiple Intelligence Model used in the context of learning. To allow for different (but related) games for different models, the technique of a software product line could be used. This is a technique that allows to design and develop multiple related software products or software products having different variants. In this way, it should be easier to create different variants of the game for different (person) models.

The objectives are to first coming up with the design of such a game product line, secondly, implement the game product line, thirdly use it to create a game for two different models (e.g., the Big Five Model and the Multiple Intelligence Model), and fourthly, evaluate at least one game with an experiment where participants play the game and the assessment obtained by the game is compared with the result obtained by using a of a standard questionnaire for the model under consideration.


Background Knowledge: 


Good programming skills

Good research skills


Technical challenges: 


Investigate how to translate psychological questionnaires used to assess a person’s personality, or learning style, or intelligence, … into gameplay.

Designing a game concept with the specific intention of measuring some characteristics of its players that can be used for different (person) models (to asses some characteristics of a person). 


Expected knowledge gain:


Conducting a scientific experiment

Insight on human psychology and its relation to games

Experience with game development

Experience with software product lines

Olga De Troyer
Pejman Sajjadi
Academic Year: