Past theses of Master in Applied Science and Engineering: Computer Science

Academic Year Title Grade Author PDF
2015-2016 An Exploration of File Explorer Adaptation for Document Refinding N/A Dhanyamithra Vetrivel
2015-2016 PoPa: Policy-based Payment Hubs for Digital Payments N/A Tim Witters
2015-2016 Rule Sharing for the Context Modeling Toolkit N/A Lars Van Holsbeeke
2015-2016 TagVis: A Visualisation of Relationships Between Tags N/A Jan Maushagen
2014-2015 A Visualisation for the Linked Personal Cross-Media Information Space N/A Audrey Sanctorum
2014-2015 An Ambient Information System for Smart Lab Environments N/A Marius Hirjanu
2014-2015 An Ontology-based Sony Product Catalogue to Improve the Product Descriptions and the Customer Support N/A Pieter Stroobants
2014-2015 Conceptual Modelling with Smart Paper Good Quality Van Denhouwe Tania
2014-2015 Content Migration and Layout for the MindXpres Presentation Tool N/A Joris Vandermeersch
2014-2015 Digital Augmentations in the Wild: An Investigation of Augmented Reality in Office Settings N/A Jasmien De Ridder
2014-2015 Enhanced Retrieval and Discovery of Desktop Documents N/A Ngoc Tran
2014-2015 Enriching the XLink Standard with RSL Metamodel Features N/A David Sverdlov
2014-2015 Integrating the Interaction Flow Modelling Language (IFML) into the Web Semantics Design Method (WSDM) Excellent Quality Jonas Blanckaert
2014-2015 Intuitive Information Visualisation for the MindXpres Presentation Tool N/A Yves Baeten
2014-2015 Marrying Digital and Physical Media in Tabletop Environments N/A Tim Vereecken
2014-2015 The Perfect Presentation: A Training Tool for Presentations N/A Ayrton Vercruysse
2014-2015 The Serious Game Modeling Language ATTAC-L Applied to Reach Out Central (ROC): Findings and Recommendations N/A Shirin Ravash
2014-2015 Towards Collaborative Management of Semantic Business Rules: An Intelligent Environment Case Average Quality Ioannis Arampatzis
2013-2014 A Context-Aware View Over Social Media N/A Luong Dinh Hieu
2013-2014 A Framework for Real-Time Emotion Recognition with an Online EEG-based BCI During Content Browsing N/A Sam Nielandt
2013-2014 A Framework to Provide User Control in Context-aware Systems N/A Wouter Mensels
2013-2014 A Mobile, Context-aware Crowdsourcing Framework N/A Elona Dervishi
2013-2014 An Artwork Recommender System Based on User Profiles and Preferences N/A Daniel Velasquez
2013-2014 An Investigation of Adapting Document Structures N/A Serafeim Kourlos
2013-2014 Dynamic Content in Fluid Cross-Media Documents N/A Jochen François
2013-2014 I Know What You Did With Your Documents: A Solution to Track Interactions with Physical Documents N/A Trang Nguyen
2013-2014 Identification and Distribution of Cross-Media Entities in a Peer-to-Peer Environment N/A Barry D'Hoine
2013-2014 Intelligent Source Code Visualisation for the MindXpres Presentation Tool N/A Paul Mestereaga
2013-2014 My PIM Everywhere: A Framework For Interactive Surfaces in the Office N/A Toon Duwee
2013-2014 Rich Media Plug-ins for the MindXpres Presentation Tool N/A Jasper Debie
2013-2014 Smart Study: An Educational Platform Using Digital Pen and Paper Excellent Quality Dieter Van Thienen
2013-2014 Tangible Exploration and Querying of Cross-Media Information Spaces N/A Antonios Kafazis
2013-2014 Towards Collaborative Management of Semantic Business Rules: An Intelligent Environment Case N/A Ioannis Arampatzis
2013-2014 Visualisation of Web Annotations N/A David Swalus
2013-2014 WSDM Web Development Adapted to website Genre, Design Patterns and Content Management Systems N/A Kevin Van Gyseghem
2013-2014 WSDM Web Development Adapted to Website Genres, Design Patterns, and Content Management Systems Good Quality Kevin Van Gyseghem
2012-2013 A Mobile Context-aware Crowdsourcing Framework Average Quality Elona Dervishi
2012-2013 A WYSIWYG Template Authoring Solution for the MindXpres Presentation Tool N/A Jeroen Heymans
2012-2013 Audience-driven Presentations based on the MindXpres Presentation Tool N/A Christophe Vermeylen
2012-2013 Fixing the Web: Advanced Linking and Transclusion in HTML5 based on RSL N/A Roeland Matthijssens
2012-2013 Making existing educational games adaptive using AOP Good Quality Ben Corne
2012-2013 WSDM-lite: A Lightweight Web Design Methodology for Web Shops N/A Mouratidou, Despoina
2011-2012 A Domain Specific Modeling Language for Specifying Adaptivy in Educational Games N/A Akhila Prasanna
2011-2012 A Metamodel and Prototype for Fluid Cross-Media Document Formats N/A Ahmed Tayeh
2011-2012 Adapting WSDM to incorporate Web Application Patterns N/A Pejman Sajjadi
2011-2012 Co-located Collaborative Tabletop Interaction - An Evaluation and Extension of Design Guidelines N/A Luis Alberto Guillen Barja
2011-2012 Multimodal Interaction: An Investigation and Implementation of Context-dependent Adaptation N/A María Fernanda Solórzano
2011-2012 The Next Generation of Input Devices - SpeeG version 2 N/A Sven De Kock
2008-2009 An environment model for context-aware mobile devices: connecting the physical world with the virtual world Good Quality Zakaria Arrassi
2008-2009 Implementation generation for WSDM using Web Applications Framework Good Quality Kevin Van Wilder