Past theses of Master in de Toegepaste Informatica

Academic Year Title Grade Author PDF
2014-2015 A Simulator for the Scenario Models Developed with ATTAC-L Good Quality Dennis Geerts
2014-2015 Dialogue Mapping for GuideaMaps N/A Nick Van Isterdael
2014-2015 Het flower-menu als alternatief voor een klassiek hiƫrarchisch menu N/A Stijn Dejongh
2014-2015 May the PIM be With You: A Ubiquitous Distributed PIM System N/A Evgeni Ivakhnov
2014-2015 Re-finding Physical Documents: It is Like a Dream Come True N/A Tim Reynaert
2013-2014 Constructing i* models based on a Domain ontology Good Quality Sjoerd Dufoer
2013-2014 Towards Advanced Task Management N/A Joachim Michiels
2012-2013 An iPad Brainstorming Tool for the Development of Serious Games High Quality Erik Janssens
2012-2013 Automated Gesture Candidates for Full-Body Gesture Recognition N/A Benjamin Peetermans
2011-2012 An Extensible Framework for Indoor Positioning on Mobile Devices N/A Wouter Van Rossem
2011-2012 MindXpres: An Extensible Content-driven Cross-Media Presentation Tool Excellent Quality Reinout Roels
2011-2012 Recognition of Deictic and Iconic Gestures for Home Automation N/A Brecht Van Laethem
2010-2011 Querying and Exploring a Feature Pool N/A Tom Puttemans
2010-2011 Realizing a Query Pipeline and Achieving Query Caching in the Mobile Semantic Web High Quality Stijn Vlaes
2010-2011 Realizing Efficient Query Distribution in the Mobile Semantic Web High Quality Raf Walravens
2010-2011 3-Dimensional Gesture Recognition: Algorithms and Applications N/A Johan Bas
2010-2011 SynergE-Learning: A PaperPoint-Based Lecture Capturing and Annotation Tool N/A Tom Antjon
2009-2010 The use of Semantic Mappings and Ontologies to enrich Virtual Environments. Average Quality Barry Nauta
2009-2010 An RSL-based Associative Filesystem N/A Gregory Cardone
2009-2010 Efficient querying of distributed sources in a mobile environment through source indexing and caching Excellent Quality Elien Paret
2008-2009 A Mobile Real-time Notification System for Queue Sensitive Events Good Quality Mathias Wiels
2008-2009 A new XNA previewer for virtual worlds in OntoWorld Average Quality Koen De Bruyn
2008-2009 Supporting smart entity behavior across virtual environment platforms High Quality Dominique Dierickx
2008-2009 Simulating behaviour in real-time, in the context of VR-WISE High Quality Kevin Chabot