Thesis proposals for 2011-2012

CAdE-games - Toward Cognitive Adaptive Edu-games

A first purpose of this project is to investigate the cognitive processing involved in educational games and its impact on learning. The second purpose is to investigate how we can influence these cognitive processes by using adaptive techniques. Among others, we investigate the impact of the personality, the learning style, as well as the motivational aspects of learning by manipulating different aspects of the educational game.  

Context-aware Mobile Application Development

SCOUT is a mobile application development framework, which supports the development of mobile applications that are aware of the user's context (e.g., profile, device characteristics, ..), his current (physical) environment, and the people, objects and places in it. By exploiting this knowledge on the user and his environment, such applications are able to provide personalized information and services to the user.  SCOUT supports different sensing technologies to become aware of the user's surrounding environment (and the physical entities in it), and is primarily based on Web technologies for communication and data acquisition, and Semantic Web technologies for integrating and enriching the knowledge present in the decentralized data sources.

Cross-Media Information Spaces and Architectures

We investigate conceptual models and architectures for the representation and integration of information across media boundaries. It is time to question existing document formats which are very much based on the simulation of paper on static desktop computers and to come up with innovative information concepts for the representation of open and fluid cross-media "documents".

iGesture - A Gesture Recognition Framework

iGesture is an open source gesture recognition framework supporting application developers who would like to add new gesture recognition functionality to their application as well as designers of new gesture recognition algorithms.

Interactive Paper and Augmented Reality

While there have been dramatic increases in the use of digital technologies for information storage, processing and delivery over the last few decades, the affordances of paper have ensured its retention as a key information medium. We are interested in conceptual models and software platforms for the integration of paper with digital as well as other cross-media resources.

Midas - A Declarative Multi-Touch Interaction Framework

The main goal of the Midas framework is to provide developers adequate software engineering abstractions to close the gap between the evolution in the multi-touch technology and software detection mechanisms. We advocate the use of a rule language which allows programmers to express gestures in a declarative way. Complex gestures which are extremely hard to be implemented in traditional approaches can be expressed in one or multiple rules which are easy to understand.