Thesis proposals for 2012-2013

Semantic Web Languages and Technology

Semantic Web technology and languages (like RDF(S) and OWL) is an important area in Web Engineering and for semantic interoperability. WISE is mainly using the results of research done in this domain, but we also contribute to it in the context of different research project.  

Serious Games

The purpose of this research topic is to perform research on development methods for serious games, which are games used for training, advertising, simulation, or education.  

The goal of the development methods is to ease the development of serious games and to allow for a greater involvement of the different stakeholders during the development process. 

We also investigate adaptativity (i.e., dynamic adaptation) for serious games. which has the aim to adapt a serious games to different characteristics of the player as well as to the performance of the player. 

Furthermore, we investigate how non-player characters can be made more relalistic in their behavior and interaction.

Varibru - Variability in Software-Intensive Product Development

VariBru is a research project initiated in the framework of the Brussels Impulse Programme for ICT. It is supported by the Brussels Capital Region. The VariBru project addresses the strategic problems of software-intensive product builders. Its innovation goal is to perform research in four industrially relevant domains of software variability: software variability management, software product configurability, variability in live contexts, and variability in intention-aware products.

As a project partner, WISE is investigating the focussing on modeling the software variability. Read more on