Conceptual Modeling & Design Methods

Level: Master
Semester: 1st Semester (September - December)
Language: English
Teacher: Olga De Troyer
Assistant(s): Kushal Soni
Course Description

The course starts with an introduction to conceptual modeling and design methods in the context of information system development: what, goals, principles, and an overview of existing languages, techniques and methods.
Next a number of conceptual modeling languages and techniques, as well as design methods are treated into more depth, each dealing with a different aspect of information systems.
For conceptual modeling this will be:

  • Object Role Modeling (ORM) for data modeling
  • Concurrent Task Trees (CTT) for task modeling in the context of interactive applications
  •  Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) for modeling of business processes
  •  Example of a domain-specific modeling language

As design methods these will be:

  • User Interface Design
  • Web design
  • Database design

Furthermore, the topics of meta modeling and quality of models and modeling languages will be discussed.