Level: Bachelor
Semester: 1st Semester (September - December)
Language: Dutch
Teacher: Olga De Troyer
Assistant(s): Kushal Soni
Course Description

This course gives an introduction to the domain of user interfaces.

First, the course focuses on the importance of good user interfaces and then defines the concept "usability". Subsequently, the principles and techniques available to design well usable user interfaces are discussed. For the existing guidelines and rules for designing usable user interfaces, the underlying (often psychological) principles are treated in order to provide the student a better understanding of these rules. Next, the process of designing a user interface is explained in brief. The emphasis here is on a "user-centered" development methodology.

Finally, we deal with user interfaces for mobile devices, the problem of the accessibility of user interfaces for people with a disability, and localization, i.e. making a user interface suitable for use in another country or culture.