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The OntoBasis Events

From To Event Place Description
12/Dec/2005 12/Dec/2005 Third OntoBasis Workshop Promotiezaal Alois Gerlo. Building D. VUB. Brussels Third OntoBasis Workshop.
Ontologies: State of the Art, Applications and Real life Practice

Starting at 15:30.
A reception will be offered after the workshop.
12/Dec/2005 12/Dec/2005 Last general meeting Room 10F720. Building F. VUB. Brussel Last OntoBasis user commission meeting.
Starting at 14:00.
31/Oct/2005 04/Nov/2005 OTM 2005 Workshop on Ontology Mining & Engineering and its Use for Virtual Reality Larnaca (Cyprus) More info at
08/Sep/2005 08/Sep/2005 Users' Commission meeting VUB STARLab
08/Feb/2005 08/Feb/2005 Seventh general meeting Antwerp OntoBasis user commission meeting
08/Feb/2005 08/Feb/2005 Internal meeting UA - CNTS Internal meeting between CNTS and WISE for discussion of the task 3.4
09/Nov/2004 09/Nov/2004 Internal meeting STARLab - VUB Meeting of the researcher partners for the organization of the international event at the end of the project. Starting at 14:30.
16/Sep/2004 16/Sep/2004 Sixth General Meeting STARLab - VUB Users' commission meeting from 15 to 18
04/May/2004 04/May/2004 Internal researchers meeting VUB - WISE Internal researchers meeting to coordinate the work of CNTS and WISE for the task 3.4.

Attendants: Olga De Troyer, Marie-Laure Reinberger, and RaĆ¼l Romero
06/Feb/2004 06/Feb/2004 Fifth General Meeting Kasteel Middleheim, Antwerpen Users' commission meeting
06/Feb/2004 06/Feb/2004 Second Ontobasis Workshop Kasteel Middleheim, Antwerpen
07/Jul/2003 07/Jul/2003 Fourth General Meeting VUB From 14:30 to 16:30 in room 10F720 at VUB
06/Feb/2003 06/Feb/2003 First Ontobasis Workshop Room E0.01 - VUB Yearly workshop for presentation of results.

Starting at 13:30
10/Jan/2003 10/Jan/2003 Third General Meeting Room 2.35. - Building D - UIA - UA Meeting of researchers and industrial partners to analyse the evolution of the project.

Starting at 14:00
02/Jul/2002 02/Jul/2002 Second general meeting STARLab - VUB Meeting of researchers and industrial partners to analyse the evolution of the project.

From 14:00 to 17:30
29/Apr/2002 29/Apr/2002 Internal researchers meeting STARLab - VUB Meeting to coordinate tasks between STARLab and CNTS.
24/Jan/2002 24/Jan/2002 Kick-off meeting STARLab - VUB Meeting to coordinate the beginning of the project.
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