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The OntoBasis Tools

  • Ontobasis Demo: The OntoBasis tools allow the extraction of semantic information from a text corpus.
  • OntoWorld Tool: OntoWorld is a tool to generate virtual worlds for the web based on ontologies.

OntoWorld is a tool implemented to support the VR-WISE approach. VR-WISE uses high-level specifications and domain ontologies to allow the designer to express a VR application in a more domain-oriented way (i.e. using the concepts and the terminology of the domain) and more intuitively (by specifying the design of the VR application at a higher-level i.e., free from any implementation and current technical limitations). VR-WISE approach also uses ontologies as the underlying representation formalism. Currently, OntoWorld is written in C++ and uses DAM+OIL for the ontologies. 

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