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The 3rd Ontobasis Workshop: WISE - Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Title: Developing Semantic VR-shops using Ontologies
Approximate length: 15 minutes
Abstract: Increased bandwidth, cheaper and faster hardware, dedicated technology and the success of e-commerce make VR-shops feasible. VR-shops are Virtual Reality applications (on the Web) for e-commerce, i.e. the products that can be bought are visualized as 3D objects in a virtual environment where the user can walk around, pick up and inspect the products. Although VR-shops do not require sophisticated VR technology, they should be very flexible: it should be easy to change the virtual environment (like real shops they should be brushed-up regularly and products should be rearranged); to add and remove products; and to add, change or remove functionality. In addition, usability is a very important issue because it will be crucial for the success of VR-shops. In this presentation, we will present an approach to develop VR-shops that meets these requirements. The approach allows the developer to specify the VR-shop using high-level, conceptual specifications and in terms of domain concepts. The semantics are captured by means of ontologies. The actual code is generated from the high-level specifications.
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