First intermediate evaluation at VDS

First intermediate evaluation at VDS

A first intermediate evaluation of the TICKLE environment took place at the Vlaamse Dienst Speelpleinwerk (VDS), translated as the Flemish Service for Playground Work. More specifically, the evaluation took place in August at the playgrounds of Bornem and Puurs. VDS was looking for a game to improve the cooperation between the animators of the playgrounds and to stimulate their creativity. In order to do so, the TICKLE environment was used.The TICKLE environment offers a number of cards that can be collected by completing the task or challenge mentioned on the card (a sample card can be found below).

Sample card (cards are in Dutch).












The cards were used to give the animators assignments. All cards were placed on a treasure map (see below).

Treasure map

The challenges were activities related to the operation of the playground. Challenges could be carried out individually, or collaboratively with other animators. The goal was to carry out the challenge/activity to the best possible and to collect as many cards as possible.

Afterwards, feedback of the animators on how to improve the TICKLE environment was asked and taken into account.

We would like to thank VDS for their cooperation in this first evaluation of the TICKLE environment!