Evaluations Rebootkamp Brussels and Limburg

Evaluations Rebootkamp Brussels and Limburg

During the first weeks of July evaluations with the youngsters of two “Rebootkamp” took place. One evaluation was at the Rebootkamp held in Brussels, and the other at the Rebootkamp in Limburg.

Rebootkamp is a camp were youngsters aged 15 to 18 years old with a passion for gaming are challenged to act in an active, creative, and reflective way with peers in order to discover leisure activities next to gaming. Group dynamics and self-discovery are central throughout the camp. Participants can immerse themselves in a range of activities that, alongside gaming, may receive a place in their life.

Goal of the evaluation was to gain insights in the usability of the TICKLE environment, the way it was perceived and used by the youngsters and their supervisors. For the evaluation in Brussels, the youngsters played a 2-hour city game with different challenges and activities to undertake in the center of Brussels. During the evaluation week in Limburg, the youngsters could use the environment as a guide and reflection tool for the Reboot activities. The youngsters used the TICKLE environment on smartphones with mobile data, completely sponsored by Telenet.

We received good reactions from the participants. Through the evaluations we obtained useful feedback and suggestions to further improve and develop the TICKLE environment. Therefore, we would like to thank the organization of Reboot, Try-out Brussel, CAD Limburg, the supervisors and the youngsters for their cooperation in this TICKLE evaluation, as well as Telenet for the sponsoring.

City game @Brussels