Web & Information System Specialization

The specialization Web & Information Systems in the two-year Master program Computer Science (Dutch and English program) is geared towards information system development in general and information and application development in the context of the Web. In this specialization, you will will learn about different data representation and visualization techniques, including the representation of the semantics of data, as well as how to process data, reason on data, link data from different information system, and visualize large amounts of data.  You will also acquire thorough technological and scientific knowledge related to the newest technological developments in the context of the Web. This specialization is mainly supported by the research group WISE. Students can participate in research in the area of Adaptive Web-based Systems, Conceptual Modeling Methodologies, Cross-Media Information Spaces and Architectures (CISA), E-learning, Personal Information Management (PIM), Mobile Web, Multimodal and Multi-touch Interaction, Ontologies, Innovative Presentation Solutions, Ontology Engineering, Semantics, Serious Game Development, Variability Modeling, Virtual Reality Application Development or Web Engineering. For an up to date list of research topics and master thesis proposals consult this page