Topics of Interest

The main goal of this workshop is to offer a forum to exchange experiences and ideas related to model-driven software development in the Web Engineering field. Accordingly, we will invite submissions from both academia and industry about any of the following topics of interest:
  • Model Driven Architecture (MDA) in the context of Web application development
  • Other model-driven approaches (e.g., Software Factories) for the development of Web systems
  • Potential problems or limitations of MDSD in Web Engineering
  • Metamodels for model-driven approaches used for Web application development
  • UML profiles for Web applications
  • Web systems software architecture modelling in MDSD approaches
  • Model-driven code generation for Web applications
  • Model transformations in the context of model-driven approaches used for Web application development
  • Model-to-model and model-to-code transformations
  • Model transformation languages
  • Interoperability models for Web applications and resources (Web pages, Web services, portlets, distributed components, etc.)
  • Tools for model-driven Web development
  • Model-driven quality analysis of Web applications
  • Maintenance, evolution and management of model-driven generated Web systems
  • Model-driven approaches to design distributions aspects in Web systems
  • Use of Semantic Web-based approaches in model-driven Web design

For more information on MDWE'07, please use MDWE2007@wise.vub.ac.be