Rationale and Aims

Recent developments in both hardware and software technologies are having a dramatic effect on both the types of information that we manage and the ways in which we capture and access it. For example, mobile devices such as smartphones and laptops are commonplace and users now expect access to a wide variety of applications while on the move. Similarly, the proliferation of sensor devices such as RFID tags or wearable sensors produce continuous streams of data that need to be processed, aggregated, and stored. At the same time, the emergence of multi-touch displays and digital pens are expected to change the ways in which users interact with information at home as well as in the workplace. On the software side, the spread of Web 2.0 means that users now manage their personal and professional information across a variety of both web-based and desktop applications.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers addressing the challenges of information management in modern day settings by developing new technologies and systems designed to meet the needs of both end-users and application developers. Topics to be covered will include everything from novel data management solutions through to platforms designed to support experimentation with new technologies.