Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs Innovation Award

Year: 2012

Alcatel-Lucent rewards exceptional achievements of students that submitted their graduation theses in the academic year 2011-2012 to a Flemish University. The awards were presented at the one-day event/conference called "Bell Labs Belgium Open Day" 2012 in Gent ICC.

In this thesis "VolTra: A Development Environment For Extracting and Defining 3D Full-body Gestures" by Brecht De Rooms (VUB)  a framework was developed to boost the development of gesture-based applications and human-behaviour analysis. Since defining 3D constraints on the trajectories of human body parts is hard, we take a graphical approach. The gestures are defined by placing volumes and constraints on these volumes. 

These definitions are then compiled to efficient and executable declarative code which allows to detect hundreds of gestures simultaneously at real-time. The visual approach allows to create very advanced gestures which makes gesture-based training applications to improve the techniques of athletes possible. Moreover, we no longer need a programmer to define the gestures which makes it possible for physiotherapists to use the tool for home revalidation.