Past PhD Theses

Author Year Title
Renny Lindberg 2022 Design Recommendations for Social Engagement Platforms: Towards Enhanced Technology Adoption for Elderly People and Long-Term Engagement
Jan Maushagen 2021 Mobile Playful Learning Environments: Conceptual Foundations for Informal Learning Environments in the Digital Age
Audrey Sanctorum 2020 eSPACE: Conceptual Foundations for End-User Authoring of Cross-Device and Internet of Things Applications
Reinout Roels 2019 MindXpres: Conceptual and Technical Foundations for Next Generation Presentation Solutions
Sandra Trullemans 2018 Enabling and Informing the Design of Cross-Media Personal Information Management Solutions
Ahmed A.O Tayeh 2017 A Dynamically Extensible Cross-Document Link Service
Seyed Pejman Sajjadi 2017 Individualizing Learning Games: Incorporating the Theory of Multiple Intelligences in Player-Centered Game Design
Lode Hoste 2015 A Declarative Approach for Engineering Multimodal Interaction
Ahmed Ewais 2014 Authoring Adaptive 3D Virtual Learning Environments
William Van Woensel 2014 Mobile, client-side context- provisioning via the integrated querying of online semantic web data
Lamia Abo Zaid 2013 The Feature Assembly Approach for Modelling and Knowledge Management of Software Variability
Wael Al Sarraj 2012 A Usability Evaluation Framework for Web Mashup Makers for End-Users
Abdalghani Mushtaha 2012 Towards Designing Localized Websites
Bram Pellens 2007 A Conceptual Modelling Approach for Behaviour in Virtual Environments using a Graphical Notation and Generative Design Patterns
Wesley Bille 2007 Conceptual Modeling of Complex Objects for Virtual Environments: A Formal Approach
Peter Plessers 2006 An Approach to Web-based Ontology Evolution
Sven Casteleyn 2005 Designer Specified Self Re-organizing Websites