• Our paper entitled 'PowerPoint Multimedia Presentations in Computer Science Education: What do Users Need?' got the best paper award at USAB 2008.

  • Our paper entitled 'Smart Study: Pen and Paper-Based E-Learning' got the Best Paper Award at the KES 2015 conference on Smart Education and E-Learning (KES-SEEL 15), which is based on the Master thesis of Dieter Van Thienen.

  • Sandra Trullemans wins the Master's Thesis Award from the Society of VUB Engineers (V.Ir.Br.) for her Master's thesis entitled 'Personal Cross-Media Information Management' (promoter: Prof. Dr. Beat Signer).

  • Alcatel-Lucent rewards exceptional achievements of students that submitted their graduation theses in the academic year 2011-2012 to a Flemish University. The awards were presented at the one-day event/conference called "Bell Labs Belgium Open Day" 2012 in Gent ICC.

    In this thesis "VolTra: A Development Environment For Extracting and Defining 3D Full-body Gestures" by Brecht De Rooms (VUB)  a framework was developed to boost the development of gesture-based applications and human-behaviour analysis. Since defining 3D constraints on the trajectories of human body parts is hard, we take a graphical approach. The gestures are defined by placing volumes and constraints on these volumes. 

    These definitions are then compiled to efficient and executable declarative code which allows to detect hundreds of gestures simultaneously at real-time. The visual approach allows to create very advanced gestures which makes gesture-based training applications to improve the techniques of athletes possible. Moreover, we no longer need a programmer to define the gestures which makes it possible for physiotherapists to use the tool for home revalidation.

  • Baudouin Elleboudt was a pioneer in the Information Technology press in Belgium and a privileged observer of the IT sector. He introduced the 'Night of Information Technology-Information Technology Price (NIT-ITP)' which should later be renamed to the 'Baudouin Elleboudt Award'. This year's twelfth edition of the Baudouin Elleboudt Award honoured four students or groups of students who have completed their university or high school studies in Information Technology and Telecom.

    WISE student Björn Puype is one of the four winners of the Baudoin Elleboudt Award 2011. In his master's thesis Extending the iGesture Framework with Multimodal Gesture Interaction Functionality, which was supervised by Prof. Beat Signer, he extended the iGesture gesture recognition framework with support for composite gestures and multimodal interaction.

  • We (Elien Paret, William Van Woensel, Sven Casteleyn, Beat Signer and Olga De Troyer) won the Best Paper Award at the MobiWIS conference with our paper "Efficient Querying of Distributes RDF Sources in Mobile Setting based on a Source Index Model".

  • Alcatel-Lucent rewards exceptional achievements of students that submitted their graduation theses in the academic year 2009-2010 to a Flemish University. The awards were presented at the Flemish Nocturne, prior to the ARTEMIS & ITEACo-summit 2010 in Gent ICC. ITEA is a strategic pan-European program about advanced pre-competitive R&D in software for  ‘Software-intensive Systems and Services’ (SiS). The ARTEMIS Industry Association (ARTEMIS-IA) is the Association of European R&D players in the field of embedded systems. The Master thesis was conducted at the Software Languages Lab.

    De “Aligning Programming Paradigms with the Multi-Touch Revolution” thesis van Lode Hoste (VUB) was één van twee studies over de ontwikkeling van gebruikersinterfaces met gebaren. Zijn thesis biedt in de vorm van ‘Multipat’ een aanzet tot een declaratieve taal voor ontwikkelaars, zodat deze makkelijker nieuwe gebaren kunnen toevoegen, met abstractie van de werking van het onderliggende systeem.  Hiervoor maakt hij gebruik van onderzoek uit het het Complex Event Processing domein. Complexe gebaren die uiterst moeilijk zijn om te implementeren in traditionele benaderingen, kunnen nu uitgedrukt worden in één of meerdere regels die gemakkelijk te begrijpen zijn, aldus Hoste.

  • WISE student Haithem Mansouri is one of four laureate of the Baudouin Ellboudt award. It is the successor of the NIT-ITP price, that rewards four computer science master thesis from Belgian universities and high school. The title of his thesis is “Using Semantic Descriptions for Building and Querying Virtual Environment”, and can be found at our past thesis section of WISE. After completing his master thesis, Haithem joined the WISE research team to make a phd, while continuing his professional activities.

  • The paper "Ontology Change Detection using a Version Log", by WISE members Peter Plessers and Olga De Troyer, was nominated for the best paper award at the 4th International Semantic Web Conference. This paper can be downloaded at our publication section.

  • WISE member Abdalghani Mushtaha won the 2005 international “LRC Best Localisation Scholar Award” for his phd research proposal. The price is granted once a year to a phd student starting in the field of locatization, based on the quality of his phd research proposal, and the track record of ongoing research of the student. The prize is sponsored by IBM and is awarded by the well-known “Localisation Research Centre” (LRC) van de Universiteit van Limerick, Ierland.