Current Theses

Master in Applied Science and Engineering: Applied Computer Science
Author Title
Viktor Stavrinopoulos Mixed Reality in Personal Information Management
Master in Applied Science and Engineering: Computer Science
Author Title
Anisha Sachdeva Next Generation Personal Information Management
Benjamin Vermunicht Reliable Device Identification
Bram Dewit Integration of User-defined Gesture Interaction Into End-User Authoring Tools
Brenda OrdoƱez Lujan Investigation of the Generation of IoT Applications
Brent Willems Next Generation File System
Inas Ghazouani Gamification in Education for Socially Vulnerable Groups
Stefan-Calin Crainiciuc Defining Abstract Narrative Graphs to Understand and Explain Code Bases
Master in de Toegepaste Informatica
Author Title
Mark Stevic Gamification to Facilitate Social Inclusion