Current Theses

Bachelor in de Computerwetenschappen
Author Title
Ahmed Barhdadi Wi-Fi Signal Visualisation and Crowdsourcing
Master in Applied Science and Engineering: Applied Computer Science
Author Title
Claudia Vaquera Office of the Future
Master in Applied Science and Engineering: Computer Science
Author Title
Brent Willems Next Generation File System
Ghassan Saliby Dynamic Data Physicalisation for Geo-tagged Data Exploration
Lander Demesmaeker Monocular SLAM for 2D Mapping
Mohamed Arbaoui Using Augmented Reality for City Awareness
Reihaneh Kalhor Towards Dynamic Data Physicalisation
Master in de Toegepaste Informatica
Author Title
Ben Bergs LIDAR-based SLAM
Gregory Beankens A Video Booth Solution
Jeroen Grégoire Smart Office Implicit Interaction by Location
Pascal Pieters Authoring Environment for casual users to steer the personalized delivery of learning activities in a Mobile 2.0 environment