Current Theses

Bachelor in de Computerwetenschappen
Author Title
Jordan Shittu LiDAR Indoor Map Matching for Autonomous Robots
Silken Heynderickx Using Minecraft as a Visualisation Tool for Teaching Computer Science
Zoƫ Bellers Using Augmented Reality for Enhanced Learning in Chemistry Education
Master in Applied Science and Engineering: Applied Computer Science
Author Title
Abhinav Sidharthan From Digital to AR: Developing an Augmented Reality Board
Master in Applied Science and Engineering: Computer Science
Author Title
Ameer Hamza Using a Component-based Approach to Facilitate the Development of Internet of Things Environments
Brent Willems Next Generation File System
Dana Tabatabaie Irani Investigating Methods for Providing Device Discovery and Integration in Internet of Things Settings for End Users
Erdogan Abaci Helping End Users Designing Better UIs
Faroukh Davouzov Designing Interactions Between Tangibles
Inas Ghailani Gamification in Education for Socially Vulnerable Groups
Lysa Roxana Kwizera Designing for Collaboration: A Cooperative Knowledge Base for the Physicalisation Community
Stefan-Calin Crainiciuc Using Flow Documentation to Understand and Explain Code Bases
Yishen Yu Mixed Reality-based Interaction with the Internet of Things
Master in de Toegepaste Informatica
Author Title
Mark Stevic Using Tangibles to Support Serious Gaming in a Reception Centre for Unaccompanied Minors
Milan Ilic Extensible Dynamic Data Physicalisation Platform
Mishkat Haider Chowdhury Looking at Code Through a Different Lens
Mouzzam Tahir Mobile-based Pedagogical Approaches for Programming Concepts