Current Theses

Bachelor in de Computerwetenschappen
Author Title
Brent Willems Museum of the Future: A Mixed Reality Information Explorer
Lander Demesmaeker Designing Customisable User Interface Distribution
Master in Applied Science and Engineering: Applied Computer Science
Author Title
Ahmed Kareem A. Abdullah Extensions for the Tangible Hologram (TangHo) Platform
Rencong Tang A Mixed Reality-based Augmented Museum Guide
Satyam Kapoor Metaphors for End-User Authoring of Web of Things and Cross-Device Applications
Yevhen Dukhno Mixed Reality Meets the Web of Things
Master in Applied Science and Engineering: Computer Science
Author Title
Aya Kahine Distributed and non-distributed algorithms for generating random graphs that are scale-free and have the small-world property
Beibei Yuan Typing regular path queries in the context of ontologies
Hassan Haddouchi Social Visualizations to Foster Collaboration and Awareness in Playful Learning
Ken Vernaillen User-Centred Distributed User Interfaces (DUIs)
Kevin Van Ryckegem A Framework for Rapid Prototyping of Cross-Device Interaction
Kristina Aydee Merino Using Blockchain architectures for storing and securing electronic health data
Kwinten Pardon A Wearable Augmented Reality Presenter View for the MindXpres Presentation Tool
Oguz Gelal Towards a Highly Customisable Project Management Solution
Ruben Peeters Benchmarking NoSQL databases
Tim Leenaers Mashup Tool for Distributed Physical-Digital User Interfaces
Master in de Toegepaste Informatica
Author Title
David Cino Opportunities for Distributed Physical-Digital User Interfaces
Pascal Pieters Authoring Environment for casual users to steer the personalized delivery of learning activities in a Mobile 2.0 environment