Annotation for the Semantic Web during Website Development

While introducing the HTML standard to present information on the World Wide Web, the importance of being able to express the deep structure and meaning of the information was neglected. This has lead to some of the limitations of the current web (e.g. its restricted query possibilities). Work has started in the domain of the semantic web which tries to solve this problem by annotating web pages with semantic information. A crucial aspect to the suc- cess of the semantic web is that we have methods available to create, integrate and use this semantic information. In this paper, we present a new approach to generate semantic information by taking the annotation process to a conceptual level and by integrating it into an existing website design method.
Publication Reference
Plessers, P., De Troyer, O.: "Annotation for the Semamtic Web during Website Development", Proceedings of the ICWE 2004 Conference, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3140, pp. 349-353, Eds. Nora Koch, Piero Fraternali, and Martin Wirsing, ISBN 3-540-22511-0, Munich, Germany (2004)


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