From Business-Level Specifications to Smart Contracts for Blockchain-based Resource-Exchange Systems

Blockchain technology allows to store data in a secure and decentralized manner and can provide true ownership to the owners of the data. Therefore, it could be a good solution for applications where this is required. Resource-exchange systems are such a type of application. To allow to easily set up such systems using blockchain technology, we have introduced a framework that allows to generate such applications. The use of the framework does not require programming or blockchain knowledge. The range of applications that can be generated with the framework are applications for the management and exchange of resources across organizations and their customers. In this paper, we present the generation of the smart contracts from high-level specifications. We explain the mapping from the high-level user concepts used to specify a use case onto the technical concepts used in blockchain and smart contracts technology. We explain the different types of contracts generated as well as their role and functionality. The exchange of resources by means of these smart contracts is illustrated with some examples. We also discuss the limitations and further work.
Publication Reference
Soni, K. and De Troyer, O.: "From Business-Level Specifications to Smart Contracts for Blockchain-based Resource-Exchange Systems" in In: Chen, S., Shyamasundar, R.K., Zhang, LJ. (eds) Blockchain – ICBC 2022. ICBC 2022. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 13733. Springer, Cham


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