Designing Semantic Virtual Reality Applications

Nowadays, the development of a Virtual Reality (VR) application is still very time-consuming and hard for a non VR-expert. In addition, the VR applications often lack the necessary semantic information to make the VR application more intuitive and more attractive for the end-user. This paper describes a new approach for designing VR applications using ontologies, which make the design of the VR application more domain-oriented and more intuitive. It also describes how our approach can be used to add richer semantic information that is more domain-oriented during the design process of a VR application. We illustrate the advantages of such a semantic annotation process by means of a semantic search engine for VR.
Publication Reference
Kleinermann, F., De Troyer, O., Mansouri, H., Romero, R., Pellens, B., Bille, W.: "Designing Semantic Virtual Reality Applications", Proceedings of the 2nd INTUITION International Workshop, Senlis, France (2005)