Feature Assembly Framework: Towards Scalable and Reusable Feature Models

Feature models have been commonly used to model the variability in software product lines. In this paper we present the Feature Assembly framework which is a new approach for creating feature models through feature composition and feature assembly. Furthermore, it promotes feature reusability by storing features in a so-called feature pool, which acts as a feature repository. The Feature Assembly Framework is based on the Feature Assembly feature modeling method, which will be briefly introduced. It is a multi-perspective approach for modeling variability, to deal with the complexity of large systems. The feature assembly modeling method also provides a simpler and easier to use modeling language, which separates the variability specifications from the feature specifications to allow reusing features in different contexts.
Publication Reference
Abo Zaid, L., Kleinermann, F., De Troyer, O.: Feature Assembly Framework: Towards Scalable and Reusable Feature Models, Fifth International Workshop on Variability Modelling of Software-intensive Systems (VAMOS 2011), Namur, Belgium, January 2011