MindXpres: An Extensible Content-driven Cross-Media Presentation Platform

Existing presentation tools and document formats show a number of shortcomings in terms of the management, visualisation and navigation of rich cross-media content. While slideware was originally designed for the production of physical transparencies, there is an increasing need for richer and more interactive media types. We investigate innovative forms of organising, visualising and navigating presentations. This includes the introduction of a new document format supporting the integration or transclusion of content from different presentations and cross-media sources as well as the non-linear navigation of presentations. We present MindXpres, a web technology-based extensible platform for content-driven cross-media presentations. The modular architecture and plug-in mechanism of MindXpres enable the reuse or integration of new visualisation and interaction components. Our MindXpres prototype forms a platform for the exploration and rapid prototyping of innovative concepts for presentation tools. Its support for multi-device user interfaces further enables an active participation of the audience which should ultimately result in more dynamic, engaging presentations and improved knowledge transfer.
Publication Reference
Roels, R. and Signer, B.: "MindXpres: An Extensible Content-driven Cross-Media Presentation Platform", Proceedings of WISE 2014, 15th International Conference on Web Information System Engineering, Thessaloniki, Greece, October, 2014