Modeling Complex Processes for Web Applications using WSDM

We present the latest version of WSDM, an audience driven web site design method, which is better tailored to model complex business processes. For this the Conceptual Design phase has been equipped with a Task Modeling step that uses ConcurTaskTrees (CTT), a task modeling technique from the HCI field. This is an easy and powerful technique and only some minor modifications were needed to make it fit for its use in WSDM. In addition, the Navigational Design step has been adapted slightly to allow for a better separation between structure and workflow.
Publication Reference
De Troyer, O., Casteleyn, S.: "Modeling Complex Processes for Web Applications using WSDM", Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Web-Oriented Software Technologies (held in conjunction with ICWE2003), IWWOST2003 (also on, Eds. Daniel Schwabe, Oscar Pastor, Gustavo Rossi, Luis Olsina, Oviedo, Spain (2003)


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