ViDaX: An Interactive Semantic Data Visualisation and Exploration Tool

We present the Visual Data Explorer (ViDaX), a tool for visualising and exploring large RDF data sets. ViDaX enables the extraction of information from RDF data sources and offers functionality for the analysis of various data characteristics as well as the exploration of the corresponding ontology graph structure. In addition to some basic data mining features, our interactive semantic data visualisation and exploration tool offers various types of visualisations based on the type of data. In contrast to existing semantic data visualisation solutions, ViDaX also offers non-expert users the possibility to explore semantic data based on powerful automatic visualisation and interaction techniques without the need for any low-level programming. To illustrate some of ViDaX's functionality, we present a use case based on semantic data retrieved from DBpedia, a semantic version of the well-known Wikipedia online encyclopedia, which forms a major component of the emerging linked data initiative.
Publication Reference
Dumas, B., Broché, T., Hoste L. and Signer, B.: "ViDaX: An Interactive Semantic Data Visualisation and Exploration Tool", Proceedings of the International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI 2012) (Poster), Capri Island, Italy, May 2012