VR-WISE: A Conceptual Modelling Approach For Virtual Environments

Regardless the growing popularity of Virtual Reality, the design of Virtual Environments remains a complex task that requires skilled people. To overcome this, we have developed the VR-WISE approach that allows specifying a Virtual Environment at a conceptual level, free from any implementation details, allowing stakeholders not familiar with VR-technology to participate in the design of a VR application. In this paper, we illustrate our approach and in particular the modeling concepts by means of an elaborated example of a VR mechanical drilling robot.
Publication Reference
Pellens, B., Bille, W., De Troyer, O., Kleinermann, F.: "VR-WISE: A Conceptual Modelling Approach For Virtual Environments", CD-ROM Proceedings of the Methods and Tools for Virtual Reality (MeTo-VR 2005) workshop, Gent, Belgium (2005)