Research Topics of maxim van de wynckel

Cross-Media Information Spaces and Architectures (CISA)

We investigate conceptual models and architectures for the representation and integration of information across media boundaries. It is time to question existing document formats which are very much based on the simulation of paper on static desktop computers and to come up with innovative information concepts for the representation of open and fluid cross-media "documents".

Context-aware Applications

Context-aware applications are applications that take into account a user's context (e.g. personal preferences, characteristics, agenda) and environment (e.g. people, places and things in the user's vicinity), in order to provide an improved user experience.

Mobile Applications

In this research we concentrate on the development of mobile applications running on mobile devices such as smartphones.

Location-based Services

A Location-based Service (LBS) is a generic term for a service that provides the location of a person or asset. Such services can be used in various use cases, ranging from emergency services that request your position to navigation applications that use your location to determine directions.