Seminar Talk by Stephann Makri

Date: 2.2.2018
Time: 11:00-12:00
Location: PL9.3.31

Stumbling Upon Information: Understanding and Supporting Serendipity in Digital Information Environments
We often interact with digital information environments to find useful information. But sometimes useful information finds us, unexpectedly propelling us in new and exciting directions. We might come across information serendipitously when looking for information on something related or seemingly un-related, or when we are not looking for anything in particular or at all. In this talk, I will present a process model of serendipity validated by our empirical research, discuss the oxymoron of 'designing' serendipity and present strategies for 'seeking' (and designing for serendipity) in digital information environments. The talk will also incorporate a discussion on supporting serendipity in specific digital information environments (which can include those designed at VUB - so come prepared to demo any you have designed).

Stephann is a Senior Lecturer in Human-Computer Interaction at City, University of London and self-proclaimed 'prince of serendip.' His research focuses on understanding how people find and use digital information and its implications for design. His work on serendipity in digital information environments has featured widely in the media, including in the Sunday Times, BBC and ABC Radio and Readers Digest. For more information visit