Collaborative Sketching with Tangibles: Let’s Stop Soulless Meetings

During meetings, one person is often the owner of the whiteboard or PowerPoint to sketch the problem or idea. This person commonly "owns" the meeting leading to passive meeting moments for others. In this course, we will bring the whiteboard to the table to start with collaborative sketching. By also using tangibles, a topic can be discussed in a more interactive and efficient way. We will also learn how to apply the techniques in micro-communications such as coffee machine talks. Participants will leave the course with own hands-on material to use back home. Let’s stop having daily soulless meetings.
Publication Reference
Valadez, J. and Trullemans, S.: "Collaborative Sketching with Tangibles: Let’s Stop Soulless Meetings", Proceedings of EA CHI 2022, International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, New Orleans, USA, May 2022