Research Projects of abdalghani mushtaha

Multiweb - Multilingual Websites: Architecture and Localization  (Finished)

In this project we want to combine the research activities done in the context of software localization with those done in the context of website design. We believe that research in localization and internationalization of websites (and software in general) may benefit from a cooperation between researchers from the software localization community (which are mainly linguists or computer linguists) and researchers from the web design community (mainly computer scientists). Such a corporation may give new insights and may result in new techniques in both domains.

WSDM - Web Semantic Design Method  (Finished)

WISE developed as one of the first few a Web site design method, called WSDM (1998). This method followed a completely new approach in designing Web applications, called the ‘audience driven’ approach, which is nowadays followed by many Web design methods. The original WSDM method, and its associated modeling formalisms has evolved over the years to a complete ‘semantic’ web design method, both applying and deploying semantic web technology, and supporting the generation of semantic annotations. Different master student and PhD students have considered and still consider a variety of additional design issues, such as adaptivity, localization, accessibility, and social tagging, while others have focused on code generation and tool support.