Research Projects of raül romero

OntoBasis - Foundations, Construction, Services and Applications of Ontologies  (Finished)

The topic of the research project was "Foundations, Construction, Services and Applications of Ontologies. Their role in Database, Web Semantics, and Computational Linguistics".
In this project, WISE investigated how the use of ontologies can simplify and facilitate the (conceptual) specification phase of a virtual (web) environment. As a Virtual Environment is composed of objects it may be possible to extract properties of these objects and their relationships in the Virtual Environment from available ontologies covering the domain under consideration. On the other hand also, their specifications may be checked for consistency using such available ontologies.

VR-WISE: A Conceptual Modelling Approach For Virtual Environments  (Finished)

The VR-WISE research started some years after WISE was founded. The focus of this research was on the conceptual modeling of Virtual Reality Environments.