Research Topics of xuyao zhang

Cross-Media Information Spaces and Architectures (CISA)

We investigate conceptual models and architectures for the representation and integration of information across media boundaries. It is time to question existing document formats which are very much based on the simulation of paper on static desktop computers and to come up with innovative information concepts for the representation of open and fluid cross-media "documents".

Dynamic Data Physicalisation

We are developing a conceptual as well as software framework that can be used for the rapid prototyping and experimentation with dynamic data physicalisation solutions. For a more systematic approach in the design and development of data physicalisations, there is a need for a conceptual data physicalisation framework which can then also serve the development of a software framework for dynamic data physicalistion.

Tangible Holograms (TangHo)

We are developing a tangible hologram (TangHo) platform for simulating reconfigurable physical objects via tangible "holograms". The combination of holograms, created by a Microsoft HoloLens, and a pair of wearable robotic arms with spherical controllers enables innovative ways of interacting with tangible holograms and experiencing their numerous physical variables including shape, texture or temperature. We are applying our mobile TangHo solution for the collaborative exploration of large data sets (Big Data) via dynamic data physicalisation.