eSPACE End-User Authoring Tool for IoT Applications

eSPACE is an innovative end-user authoring tool that enables individuals without programming knowledge to create their own smart applications through a user-friendly web interface. The tool offers a range of views to support the creation process, including the interaction view that utilises a visual pipeline metaphor to define interaction rules, and the rules view that serves as a more textual counterpart for defining rules using if-then statements. Further, the UI design view allows users to design custom user interfaces for their applications which can be linked to functionality using the previously mentioned interaction rules. 


eSPACE demo with a smartphone, laptop and tablet GUI created using the eSPACE tool

Figure 1: eSPACE demo with a smartphone, laptop and tablet GUI


With eSPACE we aim to provide end users with more control over their smart devices and IoT devices by grouping the control over these devices in one place and letting users build their own custom applications and interaction rules according to their individual needs.

eSPACE is currently being extended in the May AI Help You? research project. 

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