Design Requirements for Recommendations in End-User User Interface Design

User interface design has become increasingly difficult due to the rise of new kinds of electronic devices and the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT). Further, user interface (UI) designers struggle to adapt their UIs to evolving user needs and preferences. In order to address these issues, we want to support end users in designing their own user interfaces. However, end-user UI design represents a major challenge, given that end users often lack the necessary design skills. We investigated how design recommendations might be used to address the research question on how to help end users during the UI design process? A first step towards answering this question is the analysis of how end users should best get recommendations about potential design improvements. We therefore conducted a survey on how end users would like to get design recommendations, whether they trust user- or machine-generated recommendations, and whether they agree that their interactions are tracked and shared in order to improve the recommendations. Based on the results of our survey, we present a set of design requirements for the integration of recommendations in end-user UI design tools.
Publication Reference
Sanctorum, A., Rukonic, L. and Signer, B.: "Design Requirements for Recommendations in End-User User Interface Design", Proceedings of IS-EUD 2021, 8th International Symposium on End-User Development, July 2021